Our experience enables us to quickly and accurately assess the needs of your hood and exhaust system. 

At Industrial Steam Cleaningeverything we do is designed to keep your kitchen safe from the hazards of grease...from rooftop fans down to hoods and filters for over 10 years!!

Our clients experience hood cleaning without hassle, business interruption or mess. Simply put, our process is the most effective and proven you can concentrate on your business.  We provide:
  •   4 million in Liability insurance
  • Certified Experienced Technicians
  •  Your Satisfaction - Guaranteed

Best of all, we stand behind our work 100%!  AND we are trusted enough to clean the kitchen exhaust systems inside Five Guys, McDonalds, Wendy's, Benihana, Burger King, Garrett's Popcorn...the list goes on!



Our proven service method has earned industry and international certifications, and we document our performance of each job with photos and service reports that reveal the true state of your kitchen exhaust system.


We clean the entire exhaust system - from the rooftop fan to the equipment line.  We document it and provide pictures and feedback to ensure your system's efficiency. If your entire exhaust system isn't being cleaned, the remaining grease is a fire hazard that could cost you your business, cause injuries, or worse.

hinge kits

NFPA 96 requires that all fans be on hinges.  Hinges allow our crews to lift the fan and clean your ductwork without damaging the fan's electrical wiring and without damaging the fan by placing it on the roof.  We can put hinge kits on any size fan.

access panels‚Äč 

Our UL Listed access panels are necessary to clean the blades on certain fans and to expose the ductwork in many systems.  Without access panels, many systems cannot be cleaned to NFPA 96 reuqirements.  We can install all necessary access panels.

Kitchen Equipment

We have over 10 years of experience with cleaning all types of restaurant equipment.  

Safety inspection program available to all of our customers free of charge!